The Journal of Olaf Dickens son
An offer you cannot refuse

The following is from the city of Pavis whose ruins have been excavated in the area to the north of Sun County on the river of Cradles. This forms a partial ‘journal’ of one Olav Dickensson between 1610 and 1620 there are a substantial number of dates missing, some appear to be through damage to the original document, others possibly due to there being nothing interesting to report. The document is translated from the original language by one Ricohard apRicohard apRicohard apDafydd. The document has been translated as literally as possible in order to keep a flavour of the peculiar manner of speaking of this Olav. There are a number of terms which translated do note have their usual meaning and so present an insight into the vernacular of the time. Where possible a definition of such terms is proffered to the reader. The original document had little punctuation that would be recognized by the modern reader, so the translator has added some to make the reading a more agreeable task. It also appears that during his translation ap Richard may have added some illustrations to aid the reader.

I am having a few beers at Gimpy’s on Salt Street. I like Gimpy’s for it’s atmosphere and for the fact that it is run by three guys whose lack of a leh each remind me why I do not adventure. I am contemplating risking the food from the magic cauldron in their kitchen (they say they bring it back from one of their trips into the Big Rubble, which in my book mean it is as likely cursed as blessed) as I am temporarily flush from a good day at the People’s Gate. This is the Lunar approved gate for adventurous types to enter the rubble to seek their fortunes. The Lunars like types to use this as they say it allows them to protect citizens. It also allow them to tax any returns from the trip. Most just meet their god earlier and more painfully than they hope. Every few weeks or so I spend the day at the gate giving the rubes the eye to tell the cult they belong to. Usually easy caus most paint runes on their shields or armour or some sort of bib as everyone get more religious just before they risk life and limb. Once I have worked out their adherence I offer to pray to their god (usually Orlanth or Storm Bull so no big guess) for they safe return loaded with loot for the nominal fee of a few clacks. I never offer my private conviction that a prayer from me will do them as much good as a Mostali Crossbow.

While thinking such deep philosophical thoughts I am eyeing the other patrons for any that might stand me a beer; owe me money, or far more likely, have lent me money and require a word with me over thisd or a few of my other business ventures. It is then that I spy some sorts thast might well be interesting and I casually slide to their end of the trestle. One I recognize as Delishji Korlis a wise guy who as I recall is on the lam from what is left of Harli”s Men (a well known and quite successful gang until a couple of seasons ago). Another is Padfoot a Trollkin; for which cursed creatures, he is quite well proportioned, agile and not so ugly (there is a rumour that he two is on the lam; in his case from the night watch, many of which august body are Trollkin since the Lunars took over), this probably explain why he is one of the best uninvited nocturnal callers in Pavis. The last stand out the most ; “Chingua Tall Leopard” for he is an Agimor and we don’t see too many dark red/brown types in a leopard skin who are as tall as a Dark Troll.

It seem they are down on their luck of late and have tried adventuring in the Rubble recently with one of Herbi’s treasure maps. They are discussing their lack of success; which leave them with three dead friends and the fact that Del leave carrying his own left arm over his good shoulder. The little money they make must be spent on healing, so they are somewhat distressed. I do recall they might be some I have offered to pray Lodril for and become concerned that they might recognize me and wish to discuss my lack of success. But they do not seem to recognize me and are discussing their options while nursing some small beer. Then I hear the Agimori state that he is in favour of delivering a terrible retribution on Herbi. The wise-guy is explaining the difficulties of such a course e.g. finding Herbi in the first place etc when another of these guys comes into Gimpi’s and says that he hear the Herbi is in Loud Lilina’s

Now this Herbi is one who is obsessed with the collection of treasure maps of the Rubble and the finding of a bag score, which is how he earn the moniker “Treasure Trove Herbi” Now Herbi is more interested in the maps and the idea of the big score than he is going looking for it in places where a man and his head might part company or end up as the main course in a Trolls light lunch. So Herbi sells some of his maps to fund himself to those who are desperate or stuopid enough to touch one of these potential death sentences with an Agimori pike. To be fair to him Herbi believes in his maps and is as disappointed as anybody when thwey turn out to be bogus, though not as dead or maimed as those who bought the map.

At this point they drain their beers and leave. I decide that this may make good street theatre and a story that might get me a few beers and so decide to follow them to Loud Lilina”s.
This Loud Lilina’s is a small dive on Sword Street the limn outside says it is the “Golden Bosom”, but as any fool know it is called after the owner a v. fat dame called Lilina who is even louder than she is fat and this is saying something. She look as if she is poured into her clothes and forgets to say “when.”

When I get to Lilina’s it is already busy with the less successful members of Pavis society and the air is thick with Hazia smoke. Now any fool know that non-humans are not allowed in Lilina’s so when Padfoot attempt to pass I expect that the bouncer on the door will give him the old sleeve to the windpipe, but as Belcher (for that is his name) is about to, Tall Leopard stand between them and give Belcher a hard stare in silence which last for a good minute. The bouncer back away and make a bee-line for Lilina who is at her usual spot at the corner of the bar, sitting on a high chair that look like it was built by a carpenter who know that the fashionable are wearing seats tight this year. The wise guys sidle into the bar and I follow them.
The Hazia fug make it hard to see in Lilina’s (which is exactly how the regulars like it) this mean it take a little while for the wise guys and me to notice where Herbi is sitting. Also he is sat between a couple of v. tough types and talking to a guy who is listening v carefully. I think that I recognise that this is Wolfhead and a couple of his goons, before the wise guys do.

Wolfhead is such a guy as you may not wish to chat with unless you are v dumb or he wishes to chat with you. At this point Belcher come back with a friend, this guy is a sort who look like his mother may have a thing for Trolls. Again Tall Leopard stare at both of them for some time and both of them beat it back to Lilina who listen to them and laugh, she laugh for a while and people near her look like they fear for their hearing, then she tell the bouncers to cheese it and go back to whatever they were doing. Now many people think that Belcher is a nickname he get caus he is gassy after a beer, but one day when he is in his cups he tell me that it is his real name and is the Esrolian for “beautiful face”. He is a big boy, so I do not reveal my opinion on the blind love of a mother for her child.

The Agimori is ready to storm straight in and I position myself where I can see but not get caught up in the ructions I know will follow, but the wise guys hold Tall Leopard back and Del tries to set him right, when Griselda arrives and even the Agimori has heard of her.
Now this Griselda is a doll and what a doll to look at; she is not tall but well shaped in all the best places with hair so copper coloured she would make an Aldryami worship her. A guy might think; what this doll is doing in a place such as Loud Lilina’s, where asking the doll first counts as romance? This is only if you are not local and do not know the two most important things to know about this doll; first she is in Wolfhead’s gang, is his cousin and may even be his doll, though opinions vary on this. Second most believe that she killed a Death Lord of Zorac Zoran and is a friend of Pikat Yaraboom.

I am just wondering if this will get even more interesting when I note that my wise guys have been joined by two of the best dressed and pleasant looking guys I have seen in a long time. Their hair is curled in ringlets, their false beards are long and also have ringlets, their Chiton fashionably long and their Chlamys abnormally clean for a customer in Lilina’s. Guys like this have one of two fates ahead of them, either mugging and death are in their immediate future or every body will speak to them in a way most respectful, the type of respect a Lunar officer and his 20 man patrol can expect. It is soon obvious that these belong to the second group as every one give them a wide berth and nod in a friendly fashion like they have just met a neighbour. There is some talk and Del and his friends look more and more uneasy (except for the Agimori who just looks more and more like he wants to introduce the new guys to the Peaceful Cut). Suddenly they all leave and I am left trying to decide whether to: follow them, caus there is a story here but I risk being found by a Trollkin patrol up an alley later tonight; or to stay here and see what develops between Herbi and Wolfhead.

I decide that sticking with the Wise-guys may be more interesting and safer so long as I am careful. We are walking through Riverside not too far from the Teelo Norri Temple when two thoughts strike me: we are heading for Goldfang’s Grotto a tavern that, as any fool know, puts on some exotic entertainments which unlucky punters can end up being in instead of watching. The other thing is that being near the Teelo Norri Temple mean a good chance of running into Lunar types. No sooner have I thought this than a mess of Silver Shields appear from about three directions at once. I was just trying a fast fade when a peltast step out of a doorway and give me a smile like a chippy on the make. It might have turned violent but a handful of wise-guys are no match for 20 Peltasts and everybody is looking at everybody else to see who has stoolied and set us up when Elkie Zofia their hekatontarchos (Lunar rank commanding 50- 100 Peltasts- lightly armed skirmishers) arrive; everybody relaxes caus, as any fool know, she is the Acolyte of Teelo Nori the right hand of Berene Pavalava and simply “welcomes the donation of a tithe for the poor” (it took folk a while to realise she was actually giving it to the poor!) and so long as you pony up a tenth of whatever you got on you she will let you past without too much of a slant in your poke or bending your ear with a Seven Mothers Sermon.

The document is damaged here and a short section is missing.There is some debate as to whether the next section follows the previous with some authorities suggesting they may be from different entrees. Personally this seems unlikely as the two seem linked in their content.

About a year ago Harli return to Tarsh with some trusted guys, for a big family funeral. While he is away some of Harli’s Men decide that the Teelo Norri Temple would be cinch to knock over for, as any fool know, it is run by a bunch of dames and daisies. As Elkie was on patrol outside the city they find it easy. What they forget is that Divination requests of a god whose temple has been desecrated are usually more specific than usual. Two days later, ten files of Marble Phalanx (around a 250- 300 troops)and an hipparchia (around 500) of Antelope Lancers went through Riverside like Broo through a sheepfold and rounded up anyone who even looked like they had anything to do with it. All the made-men got nailed to the death runes on the city walls. Every tenth man was mutilated and the rest are waiting to be shipped to the slave pens. Harli return to a non-existent gang and the couple that are left must lie v. low for a while. Not only the Lunars look for them but so do the “Hole Lords” who also do not enjoy the Lunar visit.

Sure enough soon we arrive at the Grotto and I decide that I have enough of this story for I recognise Vid the Grip who is an enforcer and made-man of the Hole Lords, meaning he is Initiated of Lanbril and probably of Black Fang. As I watch the wise-guys enter I offer a prayer (a real one) to Pavis that he may look after his people, caus no-one else will.

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